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Thailand Revisited (March 2001)

Last Modified On 02/11/2004

Following my trip to Thailand in September 2000, I found myself going through a lot of changes, both physical and psychological. At work I found the physical nature of my job increasingly difficult to cope with. This resulted in my moving into the R&D department as a technician in January this year. In my private life I found myself thinking increasingly about breast implants. I had been very much against having them in the past. Now they were becoming ever more attractive and necessary to me. Two things were causing me to feel insecure about myself. One was the tattoos on my legs the other was my flat-chestedness. The latter was by far the worst. I became increasingly depressed and irritable and life at home was very strained. Tricia, having problems with Charing Cross, was also becoming increasingly disillusioned and depressed. Her job was getting her down and the way she was treated there was passively hostile. We assessed our joint finances and calculated that we could just about manage to fund a trip to Thailand, her for SRS and me for Breast Augmentation. We contacted Kim and set the wheels in motion. A female friend of mine also said she would like to accompany us to see Dr Suporn for a face-lift based on the evidence of his skills.

A date was set for March and we set about organising flights etc. Time crawled slowly by and then finally it was time to pack. The taxi arrived early on the morning of the 7th March to take us to the coach stop. It was cold and windy as we huddled together for warmth while we waited. A couple of hours later we were on the M25 in the coach relaxing and looking forward to the trip. Then we slowed and stopped. The coach had overheated and could not continue the journey. Another one was despatched and we arrived about an hour later than scheduled at Heathrow Airport. We had allowed plenty of time and were still on time for the flight which was itself delayed by about an hour.

Finally we were in the air and on our way to Moscow for the connecting flight. The flight was full of drunken Russian men wandering about smoking and turning the toilets into swamps. Tricia was suffering badly from the effect of the smoke and we were both fed up by this time. At last we began the descent into Sheremetov Airport. It was dark and blanketed in snow to a depth of several feet and the contrast with a cold but bright spring day in Britain was quite eerie. The connection went smoothly and the passengers were better behaved on this flight. We tried to sleep and then we descended into a bright, hot Bangkok afternoon. In a short space of time we had seen extremes of climate that left us bewildered.

Kie met us in the arrivals area and said Kim was trying to find a parking space and would join us presently. We sat sweltering in the unaccustomed heat of the afternoon. Tricia was looking very tired. I was due to go straight into surgery on arrival at the hospital. Time was passing and there was still no sign of Kim. It is a two hour drive to Chonburi and as the afternoon dragged on it was becoming apparent that there was no way we were going to make it in time for my six O’clock scheduled surgery. Kie said that Kim had had a slight accident in the car and was going to go and help sort it out. We were alone in Bangkok airport and didn’t have any way to contact anyone. I hadn’t eaten or drunk for hours now and was wondering whether I should have a drink and something to eat as I would not be in time and the surgery would have to be rescheduled. I decided to hold out a little longer. Finally Kie and Kim returned and said that Dr Suporn was waiting for us at the hospital and would perform the surgery as and when we arrived. It transpired that Kim had had two minor accidents. One of these was with a police car! Nothing serious just clipped wing mirrors and the like but we had been delayed for about three hours by now. Kim’s driving was erratic to say the least and Kie said she should drive. They had a bit of an argument as we sat in the back wondering if we would make it alive! We did survive and I rushed through the tests and into surgery. I was going to have 400cc textured silicone implants.
I lay on the operating table joking with Dr Suporn as I waited for the anaesthetic to take hold then that familiar clout from the big soft hammer happened.

I awoke as nurses were transferring me to my bed and told them all off for moving me about and said I was going to tell Dr Suporn..Oops! It HURT! Gods Teeth what had I done? I lay there feeling rather sorry for myself and in agony. I told myself it was only temporary and it would pass in a day or so.

Next morning Tricia, having done all the necessary preparational stuff, was wheeled into theatre for her operation. She was going to be receiving one of Dr Suporn's new versions where he uses spare glans material to tip the inner labia. This increases sexual feeling during penetration and also increases jealousy in me! I wanted an upgrade as I thought I was still under warranty but Dr S just laughed at me!

He was very interested to see how I was getting on with my skin graft and if I had lost any depth. I demonstrated my dilation for him as he took photos for a presentation to the Thai Royal College of Plastic Surgeons. They had apparently been rather sceptical of his technique.

I had actually had an increase in depth from the original 6 ½" to about 7" in the intervening few months. It was now six months since my operation and I had reduced my dilation frequency to once every two days. This was not proving very satisfactory though and my vagina was becoming tighter again. On my return to the UK I resumed dilating for an hour a day and now do about ½ hour a day with a larger dilator and am again getting about 7" of penetration.

After a day or so I was getting up and about and winding Tricia’s bed up and down to make her comfortable. The nurses told me off a couple of times for doing this but I figured it could only help with my recovery. The bandages were removed from my chest and had my first glimpse of my new breasts. They seemed huge to me at first but within a couple of days my mental map had adjusted and they seemed completely normal. The pain had reduced to acceptable levels and never being one to take any kind of medication if I can avoid it I stopped taking the painkillers. Massaging them was quite difficult at first because of their sensitivity and when Dr Suporn or Aoi demonstrated how I nearly hit the ceiling. Especially Aoi who took great delight in doing this and watching me wince. She was a great laugh and I think the world of her, but she does have a wicked sense of humour.


Aoi and me at the Pattaya Park Tower restaurant. Sept.2000

My friend who had come out for a face-lift was giving everyone the run around and the patience of Minda and Aoi was unbelievable. I felt quite embarrassed that she was behaving so badly and wanted to apologise for her to Aoi and Minda. They have been so good to me and I reward them by letting this lunatic loose on them! Oh well, live and learn. There were further ructions between her and Kim and Kie but I won’t go into that. She is now delighted with the results of her surgery by the way, and I have to say that she looks a lot better for it. She had had one in about 1980 and had rather prominent scarring from it. Dr Suporn has corrected all of that and done his usual superbly artistic job.

I stayed with Tricia in the hospital until her release a week later when we moved to Jomtien Beach just South of Pattaya. This incidentally is where the Pattaya Park Tower is and not in North Pattaya as I have previously stated elsewhere.


The Front Entrance of Tiffany's Cabaret

Dr Suporn and Aoi got us VIP tickets to see the Tiffany’s Cabaret. This is the biggest one in Pattaya.


Pooh and Tigger meet the stars after the show at Tiffany's

The show was very glamorous with amazing sets and costumes. My personal favourite, was the traditional Thai dancing with the exotic costumes and long fingers nails.


Look at those nails!

The next night we went to see Nat strutting her stuff at the Simon Cabaret.


Nat in action

This is a much smaller venue with a more intimate feel to it. The costumes and sets were more downmarket but the acts were every bit as good and Nat is absolutely stunning.


We met quite a few of the other girls that work with Nat. Her friend Lisa was great fun, always laughing and joking. Afterwards we went with them to another club where they also appear, as do some of the girls from the Tiffany’s Cabaret. When Nat told them that Tricia was also one of the ‘sisters’ they wouldn’t believe her. She came running out between acts with a gleeful look on her face to tell us

One day Aoi and Dr Suporn accompanied by their two girls took us out to lunch at the revolving restaurant in Pattaya Park Tower. Tricia and one of their daughters went down in a small stand up cable car kind of thing

The view from 600 feet....

 ....and I did my usual gung-ho bit down the aerial runway.

Then they took us to Mini Siam to see the gardens and miniature replicas of famous buildings from around the world. They have the cars on the wrong side of the road on the Tower Bridge one, which is strange, given that we drive on the same side of the road as them! It was scorching hot but umbrellas are supplied to keep the sun off. It was a fantastic day out courtesy of Aoi and Dr Suporn and another set of memories that will last me a lifetime. I have so many good memories of Thailand because of those two; it feels like I’m going home when I go there.

All too soon it was time for me to return home while Tricia stayed for another week. Driving off in the taxi I cried my eyes out. I composed myself again in time to have one last check up with Dr Suporn. Then it was time to say goodbye to him and Aoi too. They have been so good to me and I consider them to be very good friends. Once more the taxi had to turn the bilge pumps to full in order to cope with my tears. On the outskirts of town we pulled in to a gas station and they pointed me to the restrooms so I could clean up a bit. (Isn’t that thoughtful?).

The journey home was uneventful and I returned to an empty house with very mixed emotions. Next day I was back at work to be greeted by lots of compliments and a few risqué suggestions by my workmates.

The stopover in Moscow was notable for one thing. As I wandered around the shops I kept catching glimpses of this woman in the reflections of the windows. Was this really me? WOW! It made such a difference to how I perceived myself. Previously I had seen myself as over muscular with a fat belly. Now suddenly I looked slimmer and rather attractive. I couldn’t take my eyes off the reflections! This was incredible! Why had no one told me this would happen? My self-confidence has soared and I have changed profoundly once more in my acceptance of myself as a woman. A side effect of this has been to intensify my feelings of self-consciousness about the tattoos on my legs, but this I will deal with in time.

My take on all of this is that prior to SRS I was like a pre-pubescent child and so breasts had no place in my anatomy. Since then my self-perception changed slowly and I found myself needing breasts as would any girl going through puberty. So now I guess I am almost grown up! I am proud of myself and what I am. I have been through hell and have come out of the other end victorious.

Tricia is doing a degree course in Computing Studies and is doing very well although her employers continue to treat her badly! She is going to look around for work elsewhere and make a new start. She also met another ‘T’ girl and are now an item. They make a lovely couple and I think Steph and her are looking forward to making a home together some time soon. And my love life? I went on a date not long after returning home. All the guys at work got really protective of me and wanted to know where and when I was meeting him so that they could make sure I was OK. He was sweet but there was no chemistry there. A year and a bit later I am still unattached and just concentrating on getting my life in order. I am playing Harp again at a couple of local clubs and am making friends on the local music scene as well as gaining a bit of a reputation for my playing. Incidentally I performed and sang one of my own compositions in the summer of 2001. My public debut as a vocalist. It was nerve wracking back then but now I regularly let rip without a thought.

      Good thing nerves aren't visible!      

My singing voice is much better than my speaking voice although that is improving slowly too.

That is pretty much the state of play at present. I am looking forward to the future and whatever it brings me. There are so many people I would like to thank for their support over the last couple of years. So many interesting people I have met and communicated with because of this. Many have gone on to see Dr Suporn themselves or are planning to in the near future. My e-mail address is if you would like to ask me anything regarding the subjects covered in this web page please e-mail me.I am sure a lot of people think to themselves ‘Oh, I can’t do that! She wouldn’t want to know about me’ or ‘I am just curious and she wouldn’t want me wasting her time’ NOT TRUE!!! Contact me! I love to hear from others whether you have questions about getting surgery or you just happened on this site by chance and are curious or have comments about this site. Write me I promise I don’t bite and I DO answer all e-mails. Same goes if you wish to book the 'FeralKatz' for a gig.

Anyway whoever you are and wherever you are, thankyou for taking the time to read this.

Take care of yourself,

Love Ginny xx

      Bye Bye!

©Ginny Bourne 2004